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About Woods & Company

As an interior designer by education and experience, my daily life revolves around intricate details, for every good designer knows attention to details creates a successful project!


Therefore, when it came time to plan my own wedding, details were of the utmost importance. Everything from the flowers to the invitations to the bridesmaids dresses had to fit the theme and the feel of the wedding perfectly.

The “Out of Towner” gift bags were no exception. We had a large number of guests who traveled from afar to attend our wedding. My husband and I thought it would be nice to create a “goodie bag” to welcome them to San Francisco. It was my wish to create a bag that would follow our “East Coast/West Coast” wedding theme.

The mini boat tote bags we gave them were filled with Ghiradelli Chocolates from San Francisco, salt water taffy from Massachusetts, a bottle of California wine, tissues for the ceremony and bottles of water. Each bag was personalized with a note to the guest and left in their hotel room. The bags made our guests feel welcome and comfortable upon their arrival. After helping a friend by creating the gift bags for her wedding and finding that they were equally well received by her guests, I decided that perhaps I could offer my talents to other busy brides.

And Woods & Company Custom Gifts was born! You have a lot of things to think about as a busy bride. Let Woods & Company help you with this important detail!

Sarah Tarantino
Woods & Company Custom Gifts